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Experience the transformative power of a powerful and streamlined CRM, lead management and automation system to nurture your leads and turn them into successful enrollments with ease.

School CRM Software to Optimize Management and Drive Success

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Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined efficiency with – your comprehensive school lead-to-enrollment and management platform. From student lead acquisition to tour booking and enrollment, empowers you to manage every aspect of the student journey effortlessly.

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Run Your Lead to Enrollment and Post Admissions Processes on Auto-pilot

Automate your lead-to-application process for accelerated student enrollment. Map end-to-end student journeys – Inquiry, applications, enrollment, reviews and beyond!

Enrollments made easy with the power of one!

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Increase Student Admissions, Personalize Parent Engagement & Improve Student Retention

Respond to parents inquiries faster

Reach your parents faster with communication automation. Prioritize interested students. Reduce inquiry leakage through automated inquiry capture. Improve student admission ratios.

  • Minimize lead loss by capturing inquiries in real-time from both online and offline sources, including social media
  • Identify and engage the most interested parents as soon as they show interest
  • Ensure swift responses to parents with distribution of prospects to the most appropriate admissions representative.
  • Effortlessly initiate email and SMS campaigns to nurture prospects until they are prepared to engage
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Reduce time to enrollment

Provide a smooth student journey with a completely paperless application process.

  • Create customized student journeys that initiate communication through the appropriate channel based on their activities.
  • Increase completion rates and offer parents a hassle-free application process accessible on any device.
  • Unify your teams by centralizing the entire student application process
  • Increase your family’s lifetime value.
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Increase admission team productivity

Automate tasks and outreach using a proven contact strategy.

  • Implement workflows based on best practices to automate repetitive tasks throughout the journey
  • Provide admission reps with complete visibility into their pipeline, calendar, and tasks to better prioritize their next steps
  • ​Concentrate on each student with a centralized hub to view their details, contact them, and gather necessary information
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Get the best returns

Prevent the loss of students and opportunities with efficient inquiry capture and automated reminders.

  • Eliminate lead loss with our automated lead capture system
  • Prevent missing any opportunities by automating reminders and escalations for follow-ups
  • Reactivate dormant leads and re-engage them on the admissions path with targeted communication
  • Lead Source tracking helps you identify the most profitable lead sources
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Run Your Enrollment and Post Admissions Processes on Autopilot

Enrollment marketing automation

Engage with parents through hyper-personalized enrollment marketing automation. Track activities and send personalized, relevant, and timely communication to students and parents. Schoolie provides all the tools you need to drive more enrollments.

  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced workflows and drip campaigns
  • High-converting landing pages
  • Communication channel integrations
  • Campaign performance analytics
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Manage Leads with Mobile & Desktop CRM

Enhance the productivity of your admissions teams by automating, planning, tracking, and monitoring your enrollment efforts.

  • Assign new tasks and follow-ups
  • Capture parent inquiries
  • Reminder notifications for upcoming tasks
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Enrollment journey builder

Identify engaged parents with admission automation. Craft personalized journeys using workflows to automate routine tasks. Ensure communications are triggered through the appropriate channels at the optimal time

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Streamline team collaboration by automating the application process. Use built-in connectors for a comprehensive overview for your teams and centralize the management of student data

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Gain Complete Visibility into the Enrollment Funnel

Utilize built-in reporting and analytics to monitor application completion and drop-off rates, marketing campaigns, and other key metrics

Marketing performance dashboard

Marketing Dashboard gives you an insight on your marketing campaigns and its outcomes.

  • Marketing channel sources
  • Email campaign performance
  • Pipeline performance
  • ROI
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Experience the power of and revolutionize your admissions workflow.

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Fill Your Enrollment Quotas

Attract qualified parents, nurture them through automation and meet your enrollment goals.

Centralized Communication

Communicate with your parent prospects via Phone, SMS or Email all from one centralized hub - always available through a dedicated desktop or mobile app. Everything tracked, everything organized.

Boost Your Online Reputation

Enhance your school's online credibility with our automations for generating positive Google reviews and driving your overall SEO presence.

Streamline Operations with CRM

Effortlessly manage student information, communications, and workflows using our comprehensive CRM system designed specifically for Acton schools.

Automate and Simplify

Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and implementing efficient enrollment funnels, allowing your Acton school to focus on what they do best – educating heroes.

Pipeline Growth

For enhanced pipeline growth with qualified leads and precise ROI tracking, explore our add-on services like Google Ads, Google Analytics GA4, and Google Search Console, or reach out for a custom automation solution quote today!

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