Accelerate Your School Enrollments with Targeted Ad Campaigns

We’ve managed millions in ad spend online. Allow our seasoned school growth specialists to utilize state-of-the-art technology in advertising, graphic design, and social media marketing, all at a fraction of the cost of employing in-house personnel.


Schoolie Enhanced Lead Generation Services

Boost your school’s visibility and attract more prospective students with, where cutting-edge Meta and Google ads meet our sophisticated CRM and marketing automation. Our integrated approach ensures your admissions funnel is continuously filled with engaged, high-quality leads.

Customized Ad Solutions

Tailored campaigns that align with your school’s unique needs and goals.

Dynamic Ad Optimization

Continuous monitoring and adjusting of ad campaigns for peak performance.

Broad Reach

Expand your visibility across multiple platforms to capture a wider audience.

Effortless Lead Management

Automatically import leads into CRM, categorizing and scoring them for prioritized follow-up.

Detailed Lead Profiles

Gain insights into each lead’s interests and behavior, allowing for more personalized engagement.

Activity Tracking

Track every interaction to refine your engagement strategy and improve conversions.

ROI Focused Reporting

Directly correlate ad spend with enrollment rates to clearly see your returns.

Advanced Analytics Tools

Harness powerful analytics to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

A/B Testing

Test different ad components to continually refine your messaging and targeting for maximum impact.

Intelligent Ad Placement

Employ advanced algorithms to place ads where they will generate the most impact.

Automated Bid Management

We utilize AI-driven tools to optimize your ad spend across campaigns.

Cross-Platform Integration

We manage and synchronize your advertising efforts across both Meta and Google platforms for cohesive messaging and branding

Predictive Analytics

Use predictive models to better understand future trends and prepare strategies that align with those predictions.

The Schoolie Approach to Attracting and Persuading Parents

1. We Identify Your Ideal Parents

Our ads will be seen by the most relevant parents in your area

2. Surface What They Want

Next, we present our detailed marketing strategy.

3. Develop Your Unique Message

We’ll convert your mission, vision, and values into a digital narrative.

4. Broadcast Your Message

Your school will appear in front of thousands ideal families in your area.

5. Build Trust and Establish Connections

Your ads will tell your story and generate demand for your school.

6. Build Your 24/7 Lead Engine

When parents click on our ads, they will be directed to custom web pages and email nurturing sequences that we will create on your behalf.

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